Low Carb Diets

For those who nееd to lose weight, tо tаkе care of thеіr healt or simply tо maintаіn theіr ѕhapelу figure, there is а healthу altеrnatіvе – thіѕ іѕ the lоw carbohydratе diet.

Acai Berry Diets

Therе іsn’t a speсifіс аcаi berry dіet but rather dietеrs uѕе acаі bеrry іn соnjunсtiоn anу оthеr weіght lоѕѕ plаn they prеfеr tо fоllow. It іs оften pairеd wіth a colоn clеаnѕіng prоduсt оr with оthеr nutrіtiоnаl ingrediеntѕ thаt are ѕаіd tо еnhancе wеight lоsѕ.

Crash Diet That's Best For You

If уоu hаvе a bіg evеnt соmіng up ѕoon, and need tо lose а few pоunds for the оccаѕіon, then уоu сould bе cоnѕіdеrіng a crash diet.

High Protein Diets and List of Protein-Rich Foods

The high protein diet haѕ beсomе оne оf thе mоst popular diets аround thesе dayѕ, and fоr goоd reаsоn. Simplу put, no matter whаt уоur gоalѕ are, EVERYONE can bеnefit frоm еаtіng a high protein diet сonѕіsting оf various high protein fоodѕ.

Kaiser 3 Day Diet

Thе Kaisеr 3 dаy diet іѕ аnothеr diеt that сlaims maѕsivе wеight lоsѕ іn а shоrt spacе оf tіmе. Thіѕ dіet clаіmѕ thаt уou can loѕe 10 poundѕ in threе dayѕ. It ѕоundѕ inсonсеіvable, but аccоrding to thе diеt plan the clаіm is truе, if уou stісk to thе plan.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Miracles of Metabolic Diet

Metabolic Diet: Introduction

1. The Metabolic diet will enable you to control carbohydrates and re-program the metabolism of your body so that you can get rid of body fat.
2. The three stages of the metabolic diet are: carbohydrate rehab, transitioning into eating healthy carbohydrates, and avoiding weight gain for the rest of your life.
3. When you are going through the above stages you are required to exercise for a period of thirty minutes every day 5 times per week. This will enable you to lose fat and maintain your muscles.
4. By exercising you will stimulate your muscles to burn calories, and this will stimulate your body to breakdown the fat to generate the energy required by the muscles.
5. Without working out, your brain will not be able to differentiate whether it is burning fat or muscle, and you may feel weak and tired even though you are only using your diet to lose weight.
metabolic diet

Carbohydrate rehab

1. In this stage you will cut most of the carbohydrates in your diet, this will help to bring your blood sugar to normal levels.
2. This stage lasts for a period of around eight weeks but you can increase the duration after seeking the advice of a medical practitioner.
3. By taking less carbohydrates you will shrink the fat cells in your body, rest your overworked liver and pancreas.

Transitioning into eating healthy carbohydrates

1. During this stage you can eat whenever you feel hungry, but this has to be within your healthy portion sizes.
2. You can eat vegetables, healthy fats, and lean protein, but you will be avoiding any refined carbohydrates, processed food, and sugar.
3. During this stage you will be re-introducing healthy carbohydrates into your diet in the required amounts to encourage weight loss and fat burning.
4. During this stage you are required to take weight measurements and body measurements once a month.
5. You are required to limit your daily carbohydrate intake to between eleven and twenty grams per day.
6. You will then slowly introduce low impact carbohydrates to the stage one diet. This will help you in avoiding rapid weight gain.
7. There isn’t any limit to the time you can take in this stage, you can continue with this stage until you reach your desired weight.

Avoiding weight gain for the rest of your life

1. This stage will enable you to avoid unnecessary weight gain after reaching your desired body weight.
2. In this stage your daily allotted carbohydrates consist of thirty to thirty five percent of your total calories.
3. You are also required to follow the following rules:
a) Eat a meal or snack after every five hours.
b) Drink sixty four ounces of water every day.
c) Increase your physical activity to at least thirty minutes 5 times per week.
d) Read the labels on foods and determine their carbohydrate content.

Advantages of the metabolic diet

1. It encourages exercise and healthy eating.
2. It focuses on avoiding weight gain on a long term basis.
3. It emphasizes the eating of healthy carbohydrates instead of forcing you to stop eating carbohydrates completely.
4. It has been proven to work and is recommended by medical practitioners.


1. The metabolic diet has enabled many people to lose weight in a healthy and safe way.
2. Exercise is a key component of the metabolic diet, but you do not have to spend long hours in the gym to see the results.
3. It is important to seek the guidance of a medical practitioner before you can start using any diet. If you have the EHIC, (European Health Insurance Card) you can get health services for free or at a reduced cost in the EEA countries. EHIC application is free.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

How To Tell If Your Water Is Really Pure

how to determine if water is pure and safe
Drinking water can contain a host of contaminants, such as parasites, heavy metals, and other toxins, that can lead to both short-term ailments and long-term disease. Babies and children are especially susceptible to what is in their drinking water, so you definitely want to take steps to ensure that what they are ingesting is as pure as possible.

To eliminate, or at least reduce, the risk that you are being exposed to toxins in your water supply, you need to take steps to ensure that it is properly filtered and cleaned before you drink it. But testing the water, in order to determine just how pure or impure it really is, is the first step in this process. After all, you will not know what you need to remove until you know what is in your water.

For Those with Public Water Supplies

A lot of people like being on public water supplies because it is convenient to know that someone else is taking care of making sure that your water is clean. But mistakes sometimes do happen and pathogens can get past the professionals at the water treatment plant. Therefore, to be absolutely certain, you should contact your local water supplier and ask for a Consumer Confidence Report. This report will detail the results of their most recent water test.

Have Your Municipal Water Tested

testing the pureness of water

If you have contacted your local water supplier but you still want to be absolutely sure that the water that is coming into your home is pure, ask them if they would be willing to test a sample of water that has come out of your faucets. This will let all of you know if any contaminants are making their way into your water at some point between the treatment facility and your house.

You can also have your tap water tested by a state certified lab, a nationwide testing service, or even an at-home testing kit that you can purchase at very affordable rates.

Take Charge of Your Well Water

a glass with drinking water

On the other hand, if you get your water from a private well rather than a municipal source, you need to take charge and test your water regularly. Contamination can occur for a variety of reasons. For example, your well water may be contaminated by animal waste or chemicals from local farms and factories.

It will be your responsibility to test the water, check the results, and remedy any problems that you find. Therefore, make sure you test for all types of contaminants, including chemicals, heavy metals, and parasites and bacteria. While this may sound more difficult, some people prefer having total control over their own water supply in order to make sure it meets their purity standards.

A variety of contaminants can get into your water supply unbeknownst to you. To be absolutely certain that your water is pure, whether you get your water from a private well or from a public water supply, have it tested and then treated to remove contamination.
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Today’s feature writer Ted Williams is a sales executive at Rhodes Pump Service. He enjoys interacting with people and travelling to exotic places.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cut-Price Cosmetic Surgical Procedures - Bargain Of The Year Or Horror Story?

Cosmetic surgery is big business. We all want to look our best, but for some people a decent haircut or a successful weight loss campaign is not enough to make them feel good. Instead they would rather spend their money improving upon what nature gave them. Breast enhancements, tummy tucks and liposuction operations are all very popular in today’s beauty obsessed world. But these procedures can be prohibitively expensive if you choose to have them done by a top cosmetic surgeon in your own country, so the lure of a cut-price operation in a foreign country is very attractive. But is bargain basement cosmetic surgery really such a bargain? Or should you think twice about splashing your cash on a cheap boob job?

Cut-Price Cosmetic Surgery - The Price Factor

The overriding reason why people choose to go abroad for cut-price cosmetic surgery is that it is invariably a lot cheaper than anything on offer in clinics at home. In some instances you can have a procedure done for less than half of what it would cost at home, which if you are short of cash but desperate for a new look, can be extremely tempting.

Two for One Advantages of Cut-Price Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

The other main advantage of having a cosmetic surgical procedure done abroad is that you can combine a vacation with the operation. The thought of spending a week or two recuperating in a luxury hotel probably sounds great, but don’t forget you won’t be feeling particularly wonderful or looking particularly attractive post-operation.

Nasty Complications of Cut-Price Cosmetic Surgery

One of the big disadvantages of going abroad for cosmetic surgery is the risk of post-operative complications. If you experience serious complications after your procedure, you may end up abandoned by the clinic. Indeed, many patients have reported that the aftercare at some budget clinics left a lot to be desired. You may also find that you are unable to contact the surgeon who performed the procedure should something go awry.

Extra Costs for Cut-Price Cosmetic Surgery

When having cosmetic surgery at foreign clinics, it is easy to be duped into paying for all kinds of ‘extras’. If you don’t speak the language, how can you be sure you know what you are getting? You may end up signing your life away at a time when you are vulnerable and in pain, and if you do suffer from serious post-operative complications, your travel insurance will probably not cover the expense.

Dubious Qualifications of Cut-Price Cosmetic Surgery Professionals

How do you know if your cut-price surgeon is qualified to perform your procedure? It is easy to check the credentials of a cosmetic surgeon in your home country since they have to be registered in order to practice, but if you book a procedure in a foreign country, you have no way of telling whether they are even qualified.
Cut-price cosmetic surgery procedures offered by cheap foreign clinics may seem like a fabulous bargain, but they often come at a very high price. If it all goes wrong, you may have no way of seeking recompense, so ask yourself, is vanity really worth paying such a high price?
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This post has been contributed by Mary Jones, who is currently working for Ahmet R. Karaca, who is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. She is a very hardworking and sincere employee who also volunteers at the local community shelter in her free time.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Most Memorable Celebrity Breast Implants Of All Time!

Celebrity breast implants
There is no doubt that when a famous woman gets a breast enlargement, it’s front page news. The tabloids love nothing more than making a big thing about big boobs, and it sends social network sites such as Twitter into gossip overdrive. In the history of celebrities with implants, there are some we will never forget. Here are some celebrities whose breasts are more famous that they are:

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson on celebrity breast implants
Who will ever forget the infamous Baywatch beach balls? Pamela Anderson made filling a swimming costume into an art form, and many other women went under the knife to follow suit. The rule here is the bigger the boobs, the bigger the career, at least in Anderson’s case. Armed with her inflated breasts, Ms Anderson went on to star in films, pose for Playboy and make appearances on the covers of many other magazines.Many people will recall her 1996 film ‘Barb Wire’ which did not go down well with the critics. She continues to remain in the public’s consciousness and is a staunch campaigner for the anti-fur group PETA.

Victoria Beckham

Celebrity breast implants - Victoria Beckham
The ‘posh’ spice girl had her boobs done back in 1999 when she went from an A cup to a D cup. Rumor has it that she then went on to have a further enlargement and went to a DD, but she has never confirmed this. After the Spice Girls split up, she went on to have her own solo singing career, but neither the boobs nor the songs propelled her into fame quite like her marriage to footballer David Beckham did. The press are still obsessed with her to this day and even though the career faded pretty quickly, we’re all still interested. These days she is known for her fashion label and also for being a mum to four boys.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton - celebrity breast implants
The legend that is Dolly Parton fully admits to using plastic surgery wherever it is needed, in case her eye-popping breasts didn’t let you know first. She has been a very successful songwriter and recording artist since the late 1960s, and she has appeared in many films too. There’s no doubt she’s a very talented lady but there’s also no doubt that her much-talked-about chest has helped her stay in the public’s conscience.

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith - celebrity breast implants
Famous model Anna Nicole Smith and her breasts bounced onto the scene when she was just 24, winning a cover competition for Playboy. Smith had two implants in each side and went on to become a household name starring in adverts, films and television programs. Just in case she ran out of money (not likely!) she took the precaution of marrying a multi-millionaire man who was 63 years older than her! She was famous not only for her Barbie body, but also for her spectacular emotional ups and downs, and sadly she died of an overdose in 2007.
Celebrities know that there is nothing better than an impressive rack to get you noticed, and many subscribe to the rule that bigger is most definitely better!
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Jane Jones is a receptionist at Island Plastic Surgery, which offers services such as liposuction in Long Island. Whenever she isn’t busy, she enjoys travelling and learning about various cultures and their traditions.


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