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5 Ways To Change Your Diet (And Your Body) Once And For All

I know you're not happy about your weight and it's because not a lot of people truly are. When most of your friends have tried to lose weight in the past I bet they went on a crash diet. They then tell you all about it because they are still going through the excitement phase, but then the both of you realize it doesn't work.

How can you possibly lose weight living a normal life if you can't even lose any when you take your diet to the extreme?

You will never lose the weight you so desperately want to get rid of if you don't change your life around. That starts in the kitchen because you can go to the gym 10 hours per week and it's not guaranteed you will lose anything. Some people go to a spinning class and lose hundreds of calories during the exercise, but they quench their thirst with a sports drink and put the calories back into their body. Let's see how you can change your diet once and for all.

Use your slow cooker
Did you know that carbohydrates are not needed in your diet? I'm not saying you should never eat them because that would be silly, but you should definitely cut down. That is when people get confused because they don't know what else to eat. If you make a lovely stew in the slow cooker it will be ready by the time you come home from work and you can eat it without any bread or potatoes.

Liquid calories
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It's easy to drink something thinking there is nothing to worry about, but you will end up wondering why the weight isn't falling off you. It's because there are a lot of calories in liquids and you have to be very careful about what you drink. You should stick to water, tea, or coffee most of the time because soda, milk, and fruit juice will take you over your daily calorie limit. You don't need to stop drinking anything, but that means you will have to eat less food if you want to lose weight.

Slow down when eating
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It's not a race to finish your food as fast as possible. You can finish a huge plateful of food, but you won't know you were already full until it's gone. That means you stuffed food into your belly that wasn't needed. It's not technically a bad thing unless you're trying to lose weight, but that is what you're trying to do, isn't it? Don't fill your plate so full and start taking your time when you eat it so you can appreciate the taste.

Make things yourself
When you buy things that are premade you don't have a clue what is in them and unless it's something really expensive you can be sure it's crap. Nothing beats making every meal from scratch. You know exactly what you're putting into it and you can leave out everything you know you shouldn't be eating. If you're in a rush and you need to throw something in the microwave then at least read the label and go for the lesser evil.

Skip the dessert
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Do you have a lovely dessert with your dinner each night? You shouldn't need one because your dinner should fill you up. If you're still hungry it means you are not putting enough vegetables on your plate. Even if you don't have a dessert straight after your dinner you might be snacking on cakes and chocolate in between meals. This is just as bad and something you can't do when losing weight. From now on the cookie jar is off limits.
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