Monday, March 4, 2013

Natural Diet for women: get that tempting right curve!

Every woman aims to achieve that perfect curvy body that will make heads turn, is it really difficult to achieve that? Here are a few ways to keep your body fit, dieting can be strenuous and uneasy, but these tips will help you lose weight naturally.
fresh vegetables - natural diet for women

1. Water is essential: Always remember, your body needs water to function properly, so keep drinking water. Water does miracles for your body, skin and functions of your body. By drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day, you helping your body and mind work better. Water rejuvenates your body and helps you lose weight easily. More than any exercise or dieting, it is water that helps the most in weight loss. Drink 8-12 glasses of water a day, it will help you for the good. Intake of excess of water helps you eat less and lose more weight .Drinking water between meals is a great choice as it stops you from over eating.

2. Eat healthy vegetables: Oily foods tempt each one of us but resisting it is the real task. Remind yourself every time to you eat unhealthy food about the excess of calories and fat that you taking into your body. Oily foods can harm your body and heart, they can cause cholesterol, and you need to keep your body safe. When you get tempted to eat fried unhealthy food, indulge yourself into a bowl of salad, this will help you resist your temptation.

3. Lemon and honey: Lemon and honey is a great combination that helps you stay fit. Start you day with a glass of lemon and honey water, this will help you stay fit, healthy and help bring the colour to your skin. Drink this honey lemonade regularly; if you drink it occasionally you will see no results.

4. Eat fresh: Instead of eating biscuits and chip when you’re hungry between meals, eat fresh fruits and vegetables. When you have a hunger pang instead of diving towards the fries, pick a fresh pear or a carrot and munch on it. Choosing a fruit over chips is very effective and healthy for your body. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide nutrients and proteins to your body, this helps you close weight as compared to the fries that make you put on weight.

5. Choose dairy products: It may sound absurd, but did you know consuming dairy foods can help you lose weight? Choose dairy products over other fatty products, it will help you maintain a good diet. Cheese when eaten is small quantities is healthy, but over eating may cause harm.

The main idea of dieting is not supposed to cut you away from all foods; it is the process of choosing the right foods over the unhealthy and wrong foods. Eat healthy food and stay fit to achieve that perfectly curvy body. In addition to eating right, your body needs movement. Exercise your body; give your body at least half an hour of exercise on a daily basis. Small routines like walking, running, jogging, cycling and skipping can help you stay fit, stay healthy and stay pretty.

Author Bio:
Zara Blake is a woman in her late 30’s, she believes in staying fit naturally rather than choosing surgeries to lose extra weight. She is a writer by profession and has the passion to write on any given issue, but loves financial themes like ppi refund to research and write about.


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