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The Best Diet? Eating Well

Abs are made at the gym but shown in the kitchen. You’d be surprised to know about 80% of your physique is diet, 10% is actually genetics and another 10% is working out. You can’t just go to the gym, work your butt off and then go home and eat marshmallows.

best diet - eating well balanced diet

 The Best Diet - Eating Well

With the start of the New Year everybody is thinking of new diet plans, new workouts and you’re getting a little bit confused maybe with all these types of diets. The Paleo diet, the Atkins diet, the Dukan diet and you don’t really need to worry so much because there’s really just one rule. And the rule is to eat clean. Eating clean is it. That is the answer. You want to eat as many whole foods as you can. So what does that mean?  Well it doesn’t mean going to whole foods and buy anything in there. What you want to do is balance out your meals. You want to have some lean protein like chicken breasts, turkey breasts, whitefishes, tofu, Tempe. You want to have some vegetables.  Steamed veggies are my favorite. Broccoli, green beans, squash . . . super delicious.

If you want you can have grains, a little bit of brown rice, oatmeal, kimau. Make a nice balanced, healthy meal you don’t need all those sugar additives.  You can always use cinnamon, you can use a pinch of salt, soy sauce things like that are fine but you don’t want to be dousing mayonnaise over things. These are just going to give you a heavy flavor, yes it tastes good, but you can actually train your taste buds to not want that. Give it a couple weeks, your palate will actually rewire itself and you’re not going to want that.

So how you should eat?  You should eat about 5 meals a day. Five tiny meals. You can figure out what your minimum maintenance caloric intake is with some programs online. Your body is a place for you to test out. No calculator is gonna let you know what works and what doesn’t. It kind of give you a guideline – you know like don’t eat 5000 calories a day or else you’re gonna gain like 30 pounds. You have to know your body. You want to stay full, you want to stay satisfied but you want to make sure everything you’re taking in means something.

What I mean by that is you want to take in nutritious foods. Stay away from things that are processed and sugary and fried because that will pack on the calories, not keep you full, and then you’re going to start gaining weight and be like where did this come from, I'm not even full. Well that’s because you’re not eating whole foods. So make sure you’re doing that. You need to make eating clean and living healthily a lifestyle. It’s not just a one day thing; it is for the rest of your life.

So you should learn how to enjoy it. It’s energizing, so it’s not just about losing weight, losing fat, looking good. You’ll feel a difference in your energy levels. You’ll be able to walk up the stairs and breathe like a normal human being. You’ll be able to run at speeds that are not embarrassing and you’ll be able to dance all night long at the club. You’ll notice a change in your life, in your friends, in your vibrance.  Sometimes it’s hard to do, especially if you are stuck on certain habits. So give it time, you know, remove certain foods from your diet little by little every week. It’ll be okay. I am here for you; your popsters are here for you to make these changes. They’re doable. There is no crazy secret out there; you don’t need to buy some crazy program. You just need to stick to the whole foods. That’s it. Let me know in the comments below what you’re eating and if you feel good about it and what you shouldn’t be eating and if you feel bad about it.

Mark is a fitness instructor and personal trainer based in Surrey, England, for more tips please have a look at my website.


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